Radio Revo 18" 2020 Freestyle BMX Cykel 20" Orange

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Beginner freestyle BMX at a super economical price point
The Revo Pro 20 by Radio is a purpose-built beginner BMX bike, meant for close-to-adult-sized riders who are all new to the game. The 20 wheels are standard sized, and the 20 top tube is short and responsive, making a variety of tricks easier to learn. The Revo Pro 20 is a great way to determine, whether you're into BMX or not. If you are, simply start upgrading your bike part by part and end up with a customized setup.
Technical features
Frame, fork, and bars made 100% from hi-ten steel'Rookie series' pedals, tires, rims and hubs tailored for new ridersTrue to BMX geometry, making it possible to replace worn down partsSemi fat 2.25 tires at front and back, adding traction and controlUse the included alloy u-brake to slow down the speed and/or perform tricks3-piece crank, easy to maintain and with 170mm arms, great for most riding styles

Hjul diameter:20Ram Top Tube:20 (50.8cm)Styr höjd:8.6 (21.8cm)Nav:Kassette, Öppna kullagerBroms:U-brake IngårRam standover höjd:7.9'' (20.1cm)Vikt:12.63kgRam Material:1020 hi-tenSadel Clamp:Non-integratedSadel:ComboDäck bredd:2.25Pegs:Ingår inteAxel diameter:10mm, 12mmBar design:Two-pieceStyr breda:28.25 (71.8cm)Upsweep:2°Backsweep:11°Stem typ/Längd %s:Stem diameter:22.2mmHeadset-type:Non-integratedBakgaffel Längd (Center):13.2'' (33.5cm)Utväxling:25/9Krank längd/Typ:170mm, Three-piecePedal Axel diameter:Driver sida:HögerVev material:Krom stålVevlager:American (AMER), Öppna kullagerPedal material:NylonAntal ekrar:36Kedje typ:Single speedSamling:Delvis samladRekommenderas av:11 år

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