Trappmaskin Holister

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 The Stepper inSPORTline Holister is a professional machine perfect for strengthening the thigh and buttock muscles. Its sturdy structure, 130kg weight limit and magnetic braking system ensure a long service life while the 25cm stride height ensures an effective workout. The large, anti-slip pedals and two pairs of handles (one of which is adjustable) provide safety. The fixed handles feature built-in heart rate monitors. The smaller space between pedals allows for a more ergonomic and therefore natural movement. Transportation wheels, water bottle and tablet holders and the uneven surface adjustment system are a must. Control Your WorkoutThe stepper’s computer features a high-quality, easy-to-read and easy-to-use 7” screen that allows you to follow all the important information such as watt, revolutions per minute, time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate. Burn as Many Calories as You CanThanks to its many programs, the Stepper inSPORTline Holister offers something for everyone. Those of you who do not want to waste time setting up your exercise machine will surely appreciate the quick start function. This stepper also offers interval programs that help you to get the most out of you.  Exercise the Entire BodyThe unique moving handles

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